Elizabeth Monroy is a Certified  Infinite Human Life Coach who combines her Intuitive abilities as a Medium, Certified Tarot Coach,  Past Life Counselor, Medical Intuit, Yoga Therapy Teacher,  Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Reiki Master and Teacher, Animal Reiki Practitioner, Motivational Speaker, International Author,  Film Director, Producer and a Visionary  Artist, with her thirty years of experience as a Mental Health Counselor and over 30 years of training under Master Spiritual Teachers. She is a member of the International Association of Life Coaches and a certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist. Elizabeth has traveled the planet receiving many high spiritual initiations. She has worked with her husband, a physician,laying a higher foundation for healing incorporating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual natures of the human into a new Healing modality. Together they wrote the book The Pathway Home to help the New Healers and Co-Healors of the planet.Elizabeth has based her Infinite Human Life Coaching on the foundation laid by herself and her husband The result is holistic healing that addresses all of the human natures and utilizes a broad variety of modalities and intuitive healing. Elizabeth uses her intuitive gifts to help individuals trust their own inner guidance, heal all areas of their lives and step into their Radiate Light Bodies becoming Infinite Humans and sharing their unique gifts and talents with the world. She offers workshops, classes and one to one coaching sessions both in person and online in such areas as Finding your Life Purpose, Adv. Meditation, Relationships, Past Life Regression, Crystal Healing, Tarot Consultation, Dealing with the Death of a Loved One, Death Transitioning,Stress Reduction, Holistic Healing,Medical Intuit, Infinite Human Coaching Sessions and much more!!!! Elizabeth is also the Director of The Florence International Film School  located in Florence, Italy and Infinite Human Productions a production company which produces media that promotes awareness and healing. She is the Host of  The Infinite Human Talk Show which can be found on YouTube and on this website. INFINITE HUMAN INSTITUTE INFINITE HUMAN RETREAT CENTER LITCHFIELD INN BEACH RESORT 1 Norris Dr, Pawleys Island, South Carolina 29585 To purchase one of the sessions below please contact Elizabeth to set up a time: elizabethleemonroy@gmail.com SKYPE elizabeth.monroy3  U.S. Telephone 843 597 4419  Sessions Cost $150 per hour. To purchase a session click on the link below:




INFINITE HUMAN COACHING SESSIONS:  Unblock your full potential physically.emotionally, mentally,spiritually,financially & socially! In this one hour session we will look at each area of your life and help you to evolve and move into your Radiate Light Body becoming filled with bliss and moving more purposely in the World filled with love and passion. Infinite Human Coaching Sessions may include but are not limited to the following: ALL SESSIONS COST $150.00 We offer a sliding scale for those who can not afford the full amount. PAST LIFE REGRESSION SESSION  Do you have disruptive patterns in your relationships, finances or personal success that you can not overcome no matter how much you try to shift them? Perhaps these patterns stem from deeply rooted past life issues. In this one hour session you will be regressed to the time where these patterns began and have the opportunity to heal these issues once and for all! CRYSTAL HEALING SESSION Receive a True Healing of all four of your natures: physical,emotional,mental & spiritual. In this one hour healing session I will use the healing power of Reiki and the wisdom of crystals, gemstones and meteorites to heal and balance your energy bodies and aid you in feeling balanced, peaceful and full of energy! TAROT CARD CONSULTATION  Gain clarity and awareness into the upcoming events of your life that may need illumination. Be better prepared to face what is coming your way. In this one hour Tarot Consultation you will have the opportunity to gain insights into Career, Financial Matters, Relationships and upcoming situations which may be upsetting you.

LIFE PURPOSE SESSION  This is the most important question you must answer this Life time: what is your Life Purpose. This is the reason you came to this planet in the first place not just to work hard, pay bills and die but to share your unique gifts and talents with the world!!! When you are on Purpose you are fulfilled not only financially but in all six of your natures: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial and social. You live life with passion and the joy of creative expression!

RELATIONSHIPS READINGS  Is a love relationship in your future? or is the partner you are with the right one for you? Many people are under the impression that finding their Soul Mate is all they need do to experience perfect bliss and harmony in their life. This is far from true. Finding a life partner is just the beginning. You both must work to love and learn from one another. Let me help you to experience more love, intimacy and playfulness! PSYCHIC ART SESSION Increase your psychic and intuitive abilities. Learn to trust your inner intuitive voice by using the ancient Art of Encaustics or melted wax you will ask questions then with an hot iron of heat gun you will creatively melt colored wax onto a paper and we will interpret the resulted Art work.

PSYCHIC READING Gain insight into your Life! This is an comprehensive one hour session where I do a psychic scan and we address many of the issues that may be coming u for you along your spiritual journey. i use a combination of tools: divination cards, body scans,crystals, mediation and more to work with you.

MEDICAL INTUIT Learn where the root of your Dis-Ease began and how to begin a healing program that addresses not only the physical nature of your Dis-Ease but the emotional, mental, and spiritual issues that are feeding your Dis-Ease.

GRIEF THERAPY SESSION Move through your own grieving process more effectively and form a greater connection with those you are no longer with in the physical. When you are able to lift yourself from the great sense of loss surrounding a loved one you can then know that they are still with you only in a different form or vibration. I can help you with this.

DEALING WITH YOUR DEATH  SESSION $150.00 Do you haves fears about facing your own Death? Would you like to make the transition easier? This one hour session can help bring Peace to you and help you to take care of things in this life to help you along in your Spiritual Journey.

HYPNOSIS SESSION Lose Weight, Increase your Self Confidence & Success, Stop addictions to cigarettes, alcohol & drugs and more… In this one hour session I will discuss with you your unique situation and create a custom made hypnotic tape for you to listen to twice a day, once upon going to sleep and again upon awakening for thirty days. You will see the amazing changes in your life! All Clients must give a 24 hour cancellation notice via email or text message with a  or they will be charged for the session in full.