Infinite Human Workshops

This workshop is once a week for a period of one month. It is composed of Advanced Meditation, Transformational Art, Creative Storytelling, Exercises to Utilizing your Intuition, Creative Visualization, Soul Purpose and much more. It is designed to open you up to your inner creativity, deepen your spirituality and set you firmly on the pathway of becoming an Infinite Human.

Infinite Human Beach Retreat

We are designed to be a reflection of the Infinite!

You are the artist creating your own unique reality on this canvas we call life. You can choose which paints you use and step back and learn from this beautiful process while painting your life. You can choose to let go of your fears and limitations and move into a higher vibration of love. You can choose to share all of your uniqueness with the world.

 This workshop includes  Adv. Mediation, Creative Visualization, Intuitive Drawing, Transformational Art, Mask making, Creative  Storytelling and Yoga. There is always a nurturing environment. The goal is to unblock the creative flow increasing personal and spiritual growth and connection through art and creative expression helping participants lead a more passionate, creative and deeply connected life and produce art work that is deeply significant. The text used is The Artist’s Way by Julian de Cameron.

True Art radiates from the Soul of the Artist profoundly changing them through the process of creating. It takes courage to bare your Soul before the world, but being true to your soul self is the only way to touch the souls of others. This Workshop will take you the Artist through an amazing journey of self discovery. It will free you from your present limitations that are  inhibiting your  personal, professional and spiritual growth. This workshop will help you to uncover your own unique voice, life style and personal vision for the planet. You will experience major shifts in your life and careers.

This Retreat serves as the spiritual spine and psychological core for our entire Infinite Human Coaching Program  which is both challenges and nurtures the visionary. This Retreat will work on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual natures bringing them into balance and alignment with your highest purpose.

You will have time during the retreat for reflection, creative journal, meditate, and walk along the beautiful beach, while enjoying the healing energy of the Ocean and this remarkable place!


The Litchfield Inn

1 Norris Drive

Pawleys Island, SC 29585

                      THE ESOTERIC RENAISSANCE TOUR IN FLORENCE, ITALY  Spend a week in beautiful Florence, Italy uncovering the magic and mystery of the Renaissance. Learn why the New Age is really the old age and why the powerful Medici Family relied on astrology, numerology, sacred geometry, alchemy and the Tarot and other Arts to guide their lives. Learn how to use these tools to transform your own life. We will visit Museums, Palaces, Churches, and Villas learning the truth that lies in plain sight. You will use transformational Art, Creative Writing, Meditation, Yoga and many other spiritual modalities to best utilize the Art, Philosophy, and Energy of the Esoteric Renaissance to transform your life!

The Esoteric Renaissance Tour:

Uncover the Magic of your Soul!

This is a tour designed for the creative, intelligent and spiritually oriented traveler who is ready to find the alchemy of their soul!